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After listening to PMs speech yesterday, couple names their kid 'Atmanirbhar'

An inspiring half an hour speech by PM Modi gave much needed hope for many who were looking for a stimulus package.

The package which PM referred to as Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan package, also inspired a Raipur couple who were looking for unique name for their newborn.

The word which means ‘self reliance’, was trending on social media after PM Modi used the word several times while announcing the stimulus package.

Sources say that the couple have named their son Atma-nirbhar.This is not the first time kids have been named after trending words and phrases. Earlier a couple named their twins covid and corona, which they changed later on.

But Atma-Nirbhar’s parents have no such intention. Speaking to Parody Times, the father said, “As per our astrologer, the kid’s name should start with letter A. But we couldn’t narrow down on any name. That’s when we heard PM’s speech. Waise kuch samajh nahi aaya, lekin sun ke acha laga. And the word atma-nirbhar just stuck. The word has a beautify meaning too. Hopefully once the kid turns eighteen we can say that he is truly atma-nirbhar.”

The news made its way to mainstream media and quickly became meme fodder. There were also some who blamed the PM for using too many difficult to pronounce words in his speech.

Rahul Gandhi too lashed out at the PM for his speech and called it ‘heavy on atma-nirbhar’ and little on substance. “His speeches are not giving them any hope. Just names for their kids. It’s time the Govt starts a separate Ministry just for naming kids,” he said while reacting to PMs address.

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